To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps, and Army and our allies of the Grand Alliance
From: Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Michael Paquette, KDE, CR, SC, GS

Re: First Fleet Awards – Shore Leave 2016 (First Fleet Directive 1607-01)

By my hand, and by the authority of and acting as proxy for the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, in recognition of their service to First Fleet by staffing the TRMN recruiting booth, participating at the TRMN panel, and/or working as security or other volunteer duties for STAT during Shore Leave July 15-17, 2016, in Hunt Valley, MD, I hereby award the Havenite Operational Service Medal and Masadan Occupation Medal with an effective date of 19 July 2016 to the following personnel:

Captain (JG) Jon Stout, RMN, HMS Rigel
Commander William Masters Jr., RMN, HMS Heracles
Lance Corporal Laura Weiner, RMA, HMS Hector
Private First Class Larissa Lichty, RMMC, MARDET Hector
Private First Class Frank Hall, RMMC, HMS Heracles
Spacer First Class Walter Green, RMN, HMS Hector
Spacer Third Class, Patty Masters, RMN, HMS Heracles

The following personnel also officially supported TRMN at Shore Leave in some manner but were already issued the Havenite Operational Service Medal and the Masadan Occupation Medal in 2016 for their work at Farpoint 2016 and/or Aweseome Con 2016.

Admiral of the Green, Sir James Friedline, RMN, Admiralty House
Captain (SG) Sir James Kratzer, RMN, HMS Heracles
Captain (SG) Christa Brolley, RMN, HMS Hector
Captain (JG) William Jarratt Becker, RMN, HMS Heracles
Lieutenant Commander Barb Dalrymple, RMN, GNS Erastus
Lieutenant (JG) Robyn Becker, RMN, HMS Heracles
Lieutenant (JG) Sir Jesse Krug, RMN, HMS Heracles
Ensign Dame Sandy Kratzer, RMN, HMS Heracles

Excellent work was done by each of the awardees in promoting and recruiting for TRMN. We had two new members sign up onsite and a number of other individuals express great interest but due to internet connectivity issues were unable to sign.

In recognition of her working significant hours by herself at the TRMN recruiting table, I hereby award the Navy Commendation Decoration to Lance Corporal Laura Weiner, RMA.

Again, the crews of HMS Hector and HMS Heracles continue to step up and provide outstanding convention support convention after convention. Well done by all and thank you!

In Honor of the Queen!

Issued by:
Sir Michael Paquette, KDE, CR, SC, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commander, First Fleet