TO: LCDR Oliver Kindzorra, OE, RMN
FR: CDRE Michael D. Garcia, OC, GS, RMN
RE: Change of Command, HMSS Greenwich (SS-001)

Lieutenant Commander Kindzorra:

By the authority of the Third Space Lord, Admiral of the Green Lord Sir John Roberts, KDE, OR, SC, Earl New Mecklenburg, you are hereby requested and required to proceed to HMSS Greenwich (SS-001), in orbit over Manticore and assigned to the Home Fleet (the First Naval District), to assume permanent command, relieving Captain (jg) Sir Patrick Lindsley, KDE, RMN. You are hereby brevetted to the rank of CAPTAIN (JG), RMN, in accordance with BuShips policy with respect to assuming command of this space station.

The Bureau of Ships wishes to express its appreciation and thanks to Sir Patrick for his long service as Commanding Officer of HMSS Greenwich.

The above orders are effective on this date, 30 July 2016.

In Service to the Queen,

Michael D. Garcia, OC, GS
Commodore, RMN
Deputy Third Space Lord

By Direction:
Lord Sir John Roberts, KDE, OR, SC
Admiral of the Green, RMN
Third Space Lord
Earl, New Mecklenburg